Modular construction for seniors with diminishing autonomy


Client: Les Douces Heures de L’Âge

Contract Value: 3 200 000$

Architect: Les Architectes Goulet et Lebel S.E.N.C.

Location: 29, chemin d’en Haut, Natashquan, Québec G0G 2E0


Construction of a modular residence comprised of 10 dwellings including :

  • One wheelchair adapted and accessible dwelling.
  • One dwelling for the supervising tenant.
  • A community hall, a dining hall, a multi-purpose room and a laundry room.
  • Prefab Modular construction.
  • Installation and Integration of an access control system.
  • Earthworks and related activities.
  • This project was subject to Novoclimat standards and the building is covered by the Guarantee Plan for new Residential Buildings.