VDM – Reconstruction of the building envelope and access control


Client: La Ville de Montréal

Contract Value: 7 800 000$

Architect: Réal Paul, architecte

Location: 3161, Joseph, Verdun, QC. H4G 1H8


Project involving buildings of historical interest built between 1856 and 1950 :

  • Work executed on a highly secure site, occupied by more than 400 Ville de Montréal employees.
  • Complete restoration of all masonry (brick replacement, repointing).
  • Replacement of the entire existing fenestration (358 custom windows).
  • Refurbishment of 1500 m of architectural wrought iron fences and gates.
  • Site security: replacement of all doors leading to the building, installation of a biometric security system, surveillance and monitoring cameras, a highly sophisticated security system on the entire perimeter of the site and construction of a new guard house and access road.
  • Restoration of the water basin.