RAMJI MANDHATA INC. – Construction of the Shree Ramji Mandhata Temple


Client: Ramji Mandhata inc.

Contract Value: 6 825 000$

Architect: Gurdip S. Trehin, architecte

Location: 8155, Durocher, Montréal, QC.


Design-build of a 33 000 sq. ft. Temple in Montreal comprised of the following :

  • Demolition of the existing building and decontamination of the soil.
  • Installation of pile foundations and 12 000 sq. ft. of structural slabs.
  • Landscaping.

Layout and construction of the following :

  • A spacious entrance hall, general service areas, washrooms and a kitchen.
  • A convertible community / reception hall with a 1000-person capacity.
  • A soundproof prayer hall and a community library.
  • A conference room.