HQ – Poste Montagnais / Addition of a prefab building


Client: Hydro-Québec

Contract Value: 2 000 000$

Architect: DMG architecture bc

Location: Poste Montagnais, QC.


Poste Montagnais is located about 200 km north of Sept-Îles within the regional county municipality of Minganie, close to the Labrador border (latitude 51o 53' 30" ; longitude 65o 43' 38") and is accessible only by way of the Q.N.S.L. railroad and by air. This project consisted of the manufacturing of pre-fabricated semi-permanent building featuring 17-studio type rooms, transport of the modules to Poste Montagnais, assembly and installation of the modules on site; all architectural, electrical, mechanical and ventilation work necessary for efficient operation of the building as well as all civil and electrical prep work.