OMHM – Remodelling of St-Michel Nord housing


Client: Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal

Contract Value: 50 M $

Architect: Saia Barbarese Topouzanov architects

Location: 4291, Jean-Rivard, Montréal QC.


OMHM – Remodeling of St-Michel Nord housing 

- Remodeling of the St-Michel Nord Housing project, covering 27 buildings built in 1971 and spanning
-  a 19 000 m2 surface area
- Demolition of 6 of the 27 buildings.
- Construction of a third floor on 8 two-story buildings.
- Selective demolition, fungal and asbestos decontamination of the remaining buildings.
- Rehabilitation of the interior spaces, the building envelope and all electromechanical systems.
- Construction of enclosed rooftop structures on the buildings to house the mechanical systems 
- Protection of retained trees and felling of trees to be removed.
  - Construction of new civil engineering facilities and landscaping. 
- Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil.