Our areas of expertise

CYBCO offers a complete line of global project management and construction services, from needs analysis to equipment start-up. In addition, our service offering extends to more complex and ambitious projects in a totally integrated manner.


General contractor.

Whether through assembly of resources or coordination of work in progress, our team is equipped to deliver success on large-scale projects requiring an array of professional competencies.

Turnkey projects.

From architecture and engineering to general onsite work, our turnkey solutions manage every stage of a project. Leveraging a wide network of collaborators, CYBCO  can offer clients a portfolio of development and project management solutions for projects of any size.


Our team of architects work in concert with engineering, management and construction services to deliver work featuring cutting edge design, worthy of recognition and fulfills goals and ambitions of each project

Conventional and modular construction.

Cybco works within the particular constraints of each client and brings together, according to need, the advantages of modular construction with the versatility of a conventional approach.

Civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Our team lives to exercise its collective ingenuity, welcoming the challenges of developing innovative and optimal solutions to satisfy a client's specific needs.


Whether subsequent to an incident or simply for renewal, CYBCO is able to assess and realize your reconstruction projects, even without access to the full set of initial construction parameters.

Project management.

Our management services include a coordination team, tools and processes for full guidance and support in the management of your project, but that can also manage its various phases in an autonomous manner.


Construction projects of scale sometimes necessitate a decontamination phase. Integral to our service offering are some of the most innovative methods and procedures for site remediation.


Our expertise extends to demolition in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, from equipment supply through waste materials management.

Get a quote.

At Cybco, we accompany clients through building projects of any scale and complexity. Don't hesitate to communicate with us to obtain a detailed quote on any of your future aspirations.